Friday, August 24, 2012

Yesterday and Today Ryon

   The baby on the left is Ry both photos.
I titled this post very loosely "Yesterday and Today", as you can see by the photos.  So, I don't literally mean it was yesterday or was the "other day".  Truly meaning, I have no idea when it happened, but it did indeed happened, and for the lack of a better word, it happened the other day.  Like the most current of these two photos.  I actually took it on Ry's birthday and the older photo we pulled out of a photo album on Ry's birthday, inspiring the kids to re-enact it to perfection.  It was quite humorous actually, but you probably had to be there to enjoy it like all of us enjoyed it.

My baby is now 7 years old.  We celebrated his birthday with his friends a few weeks ago, and here at home last week, I think.  He is growing faster than a weed!  (How many weeds do you know of that weigh 93 pounds?  Seriously!)  He is athletic, and super fast, and smart, so smart, and kind!  He got 229 correct out of 230 for his timed math test (with 3 1/2 minutes to spare)...the one that you are supposed to get 230 right on the last day of school.  His teacher was concerned because there's not much progress to be made in the next 200+days, so she is sending him home with some extended learning that is fun for him...although, it's really just fun for him to be the best in his class, but he is humble, very humble.  His older siblings don't leave many areas for him to be the real shining star here at home, so I love that he gets that chance at school.

He has a lot of friends, 1/2 in 2nd grade and 1/2 in 3rd grade.  And he's bigger than all of them, except his brother, Andrew.  He loves to play Heroscape with Eli, Nathaniel, and Andrew.  He loves to play basketball, soccer, and baseball.  He doesn't love to empty the dish washer, but he loves taking out the trash (he says it's easy).  He loves to draw all the time and when he gets a chance he likes to watch "Phenius and Ferb".  He may have a favorite food, but I don't know what it is, he likes everything except maybe lasagna and curry, but he eats them any way.  He requested and got Papa John's Pizza for his birthday dinner and a huge birthday breakfast with sausage, bacon, biscuits, waffles, blueberry compote, strawberry compote, and plain scrambled eggs...and best of all he is considerate enough to know it is difficult to make all of that on a week day, so he wanted it delayed until the Saturday after his actual birthday, so we "can enjoy it slowly and all together".  So, I made blueberry muffins for him on his actual day...which I loved, but they are not his favorite, and that huge spread for him on the Saturday after his birthday.  We are so glad Ry's a special part of our family!  We wouldn't be the same without him!  Happy Birthday, little guy!

His birthday cake was a race car, his birthday date was with Ryon and me to "the Lorax" at the Dollar theater and then to Cheesecake Factory for chicken nuggets and Oreo cheesecake.  He does love to eat.  He was torn between the White Truffle Raspberry Cheese cake and a different one (not including the Oreo).  I had to laugh...I love chocolate truffles and get them for my kids at Christmas time each year, I didn't really think about them loving truffles, too:). 

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