Thursday, August 2, 2012


My friend affectionately labeled my home IHOP...not because we make a lot of pancakes with strawberries and whipcream, even though we do, but because our exchange student from Brazil arrived today.  He is very shy and kind.  We already like him.  Oh, yeah, International House of People.  That's what IHOP stands for around here.

Summer is almost over for my little people.  This year I have 2 in high school (3 including Gabriel), 2 in middle school, and 2 in elementary school.  It's going to be a busy year!  But I'm excited for the adventure that it will definitely be for me.  Today was the last day for Buddy and Jeremy to come over.  They've been coming every week day all summer.  I'm sure we'll miss them, and their sun screen (not because we used it...but because we don't really do the sun screen thing, which you can taunt me about when my kids get skin cancer) but because they were so religious about applying it daily and waiting their 15 minutes before they got into our pool.  I think my kids got to swim about 50 hours more than Buddy, Jeremy, and Alex  did this summer if you add up all those 15 minutes.

I'm sure I'll blog more once school starts...Wednesday.  But for now, we're all doing great, the heat is on high here (outside), but it's dry and we can handle that!  Every day is one closer to fall and I love fall.

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