Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sprained Ankle Epidemic

 We had a cold snap before Thanksgiving. The boys dawned their cold weather gear and went to jump on the trampoline.  (Notice cold weather gear includes bare feet!)
I decided I wanted to take some photos, so I asked the boys and dad Ryon to jump back onto the trampoline after I got my camera.  Notice in the first shot, Ry had his back to his dad (who was just about to skyrocket him into the air), so Ry didn't know Dad was coming, and oops!  His ankle swelled up and bruised all over the place, this is about 2 weeks after it happened, when it was looking better (although it started bruising immediately)!

Andrew sprained his ankle just a week before Ry sprained his...I was feeling like, "what are we doing wrong here?"  And also, I was thinking, I'm so glad we own an assortment of crutches and walking boots, it makes it so much easier to treat sprains!

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