Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

Ahhh!  Thanksgiving!  It was just the 9 of us this year, our 8 and Gabriel.  The food was a family effort and devine!!!!  It was the most delicious Thanksgiving food I have EVER eaten!  It probably helps that we have been collecting the best Thanksgiving recipes over the years, Kelly's sweet potato souffle (our newest edition), Mel's savory bread pudding (the best stuffing EVER), Ryon's rotisserie turkey (amazing!), ham, Savanah's mashed potatoes, Eli's cranberry fluff (Aunt Kim's recipe), fresh cranberry sauce, fluffy white rolls,      and a salad made entirely from our yard (pomegranates, cucumbers, green onions, the whole thing), Ryon made an amazing pecan pie(pictured below), plus I made sweet potato pie, moon pie (cake) (recipe from my Aunt Vicki), and a pumpkin roll (made with home grown sweet potatoes)'s hard to explain the bliss my taste buds were in, but it was amazing!  And some how I didn't manage to over eat...

 Nathaniel worked on his First Lego League robot for most of Thanksgiving day, and yesterday was awarded advancement to state for his hard work.

 Ryon is just about to carve the most amazing turkey I have ever had in my mouth!
Andrew waits patiently for dinner to begin.

 After dinner and clean up we went on a family walk around the block.  It was a perfect day!

Even though we couldn't be with our family for Thanksgiving this year, we were happy to Skype with Nana, Papa, Aunt Jen, Uncle Todd and the cousins!
The day really did feel just right!

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