Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today In The Life...Of My Yard...

I judged the poetry contest at our elementary school this morning.  I have a little break before I go back to judge the afternoon kindergarten.  And as I rode up to our home on my bike I was overwhelmed by how diverse the colors and blossoms in our yard are right now.  I love being outside, I love growing anything, I love seeing different colors, and today, I took pictures of what I love outside (yesterday I tilled the new garden and pulled weeds-the cost of a pretty yard), but of course what my brain perceives and what the camera captures, are two very different things, I wish I could share the vibrant colors and shapes I see, but the photos will have to do, today.  I hope you enjoy it at least a little bit as much as I enjoy it, I am grateful to the Creator, what joy his creations bring into into our lives!


  Green (I picked all the red tomatoes yesterday.)

 More Green...I live in the desert, I need green, and I don't have any blue in bloom, right now.

I arranged the photos in rainbow order...just for fun, and also, probably, that's how I think, no wonder I can't spell!  And now  you know why I wander around my yard, it is beautiful!  Merry Christmas!
As I was writing, I am reminded I need to thank Eli and Ryon for all of the hard work they have put into our yard, they have poured countless drops of sweat to dig holes and plant plants that I have cultivated or brought home from the nursery, thanks guys!  I appreciate all of your hard work!  You really make me happy!

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