Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew (I mean AND...well, I don't mean And but he means And...that's what he's asked to be called, so that's what his buddies call we wrote it on his cake...and Zach doesn't go by Bob any more..."he hates it:)")celebrated his 6th birthday today with 11 of his best buddies. He's always been forced into being alone because there so few kids his age in our ward or neighborhood and I didn't venture out into play groups while he was young. So, he's a friend magnet right now. He loves playing with his buddies! His favorite part of today was the capture the flag game. Eli carried around one boy who didn't like the feeling of grass on his feet. What an awesome big brother! Savanah took on the treasure hunt all by herself! She made all the clues and filled the treasure box. She's so capable! Thanks Savanah!
Besides the party we had a solar tour at our home in the morning, a cinnamon roll bake sale, a Halloween party in the evening hosted by some of our friends , and our adult Stake Conference session. It felt like a whirlwind day. Now I'm doing the laundry that I was supposed to have finished earlier today. Better late than on Sunday. It was a great birthday for Andrew, and that's all that really mattered. Next week is packed Monday through Friday...I'm excited for Dec. 5th...even though there's a lot to be accomplished before the Regional Lego League competition.

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