Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween...

For years the kids have creatively assembled their own Halloween costumes from the contents of the 2 dress up totes. This year Savanah was a snow princess on Friday (sorry no pictures) and a Hawaiian girl on Saturday, Eli donned a huge black afro as karate guy, Nathaniel was Indiana Jones, Zach a "weird girl" (I think this makes at least 2 years in a row for him, maybe 3), Andrew was Mace Windu (or as he put it at the end of the night, "I look like a guy in a chimney"), and Ry was a knight (but 1/2 his costume had come off before we even left the house). Ryon and I didn't dress up this year. We've definitely found our Halloween tradition. We took the kids to the trunk or treating party the ward had, then to the box maze, and finally trick-or-treating down our road. It was a great evening! Although, we were all wishing we could have celebrated with our West Virginia cousins!

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