Friday, November 6, 2009

So Much Going On!

Savanah, Eli, and Nathaniel each participated in "dress your spud in duds" today. Savanah did "Thing One & Thing Two", Eli did "The Three Bears", and Nathaniel did , "Charolette's Web". Eli came home with a best of show ribbon and $10, and Savanah was awarded "Most Creative" and $5. There were only 5 awards for the whole school so I was so pleased with Savanah and Eli's success, although, I know Nathaniel was disappointed not to win, too, but he was competing against 9th graders (he is only 9). It turned out to be Eli's lucky day. He also guessed exactly how many "things" were in a paper sack and won the candy inside and a poster from the book fair. He guessed within 1 oz the weight of a pumpkin (he said he remembered our recent conversation about the weight of a gallon of milk (8 lbs) and was able to guess how many gallons of milk the pumpkin would be) he had the closest guess so he won a Guinness World Records book. The sparkle in Eli's eye at the end of the day was worth staying up late with him the night before to get the bears finished. I could tell he felt smart and talented and successful. Being successful from hard work and strategy is so much better than being given everything, the success just sinks in so much deeper!

Eli & Nathiel's science and technology club that I'm coaching is doing well. It's a battle to know how to get everyone on task all the time. Don't at all believe I am keeping everyone on task. But we did get a good start on our project and we've figured out how to do 2 missions. I think I may be learning a ton more than the kids. I'm learning about how to communicate with parents...not an easy task when I want them to help their student. But I'm having fun, and the kids are too.

My garden is growing really well! Amending the soil with compost and grass clippings is finally paying off! All that back breaking work the last few years made it so much easier to turn the soil this fall (I didn't even need a pick this time!!!). I have arugula coming out my ears, green and a very dark red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, basil, gray squash, and sweet potatoes. It's the best fall/winter garden I've ever had!

I ride my bike A LOT! It saves on gas money and it's nice to be out in this weather. I probably do 5 miles a day. The other day I volunteered in Andrew's kindergarten class, and the teacher introduced me, "And we all know Mrs. ****, because we see her riding her bike to school everyday:)." I kind of had that I want to hide under a rock feeling, but it's true, everyone talks to me this year, it's like riding a bike breaks a barrier, although, when people come over, they definitely seem surprised by my home...kind of a why would you ride a bike everyday if you don't have to look. I know, I'm weird, but happy...that has to count for something!

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Princess Gerty said...

Do you know Kim with the miniature horses? She said she got similar looks and comments when people saw her home and saw her on her bike (really I think it is a trike). I guess people put us in stereotypes and are surprised when they don't fit.